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Best Breakfast in Town!


We are a restaurant located on Moody Street in Waltham, Ma. Our traditional American style breakfasts and uniquely styled sandwich selection

have been the backbone of our success.  With a commitment to our community

and the focus on total guest satisfaction we have been able to provide not only a great food product, but a great overall experience as well.


We strive every day to meet and exceed our guests expectations.  We know and

understand that without our guests there is no 'Us'.  It is very important to us that

every guest receives the best experience they possibly can while in our restaurant.


 If for any reason you feel that you have not had a pleasant experience please feel

 free to contact us.



What's In A Name?

Like many others who have asked, you may be wondering how we came about naming our restaurant “ In A Pickle-


Having left his popular restaurant management job, Tim Burke (the owner) decided to pursue his dream of owning a place of his own. He realized that he had only enough money to survive eight months without an income. Originally hoping that he would be able to buy a full service bar/restaurant,he searched and searched for a place that he might be able to afford.


In the ninth month and no purchase. …broke, and down on his luck he had to evaluate in what direction he needed to head. He sat down on the couch…head in hand and said to himself, “ I’m really In A Pickle!”


Not long afterward, he found a wonderful place in Waltham across from the common, which he fell in love with and he purchased it. With a lot of luck, hard work, sleepless nights, fortitude, stick-to-it-tevness, and TLC, “In A Pickle” was born and the rest, as they say, is history. We hope you enjoy!

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